Energy Healings Demystified.

The Impact of Metaphysical Energy Patterns.

Science has proven that everything is made up of matter and that all matter vibrates at different frequencies. For example, if you experience something that makes you feel happy, you may vibrate at a higher frequency than if you experience something sad. Consequently, we often get stuck in energy patterns that can cause anxiety, depression, a lack of confidence or motivation. If our energy is out of balance, we can feel tired, have body aches, headaches, insomnia, or other ailments. Energy Healing Sessions use our own energy to aid the body to heal itself.

Chakras: Our Body’s Natural Energy System.

Chakras are the body’s natural energy centers which were first detailed in ancient Hindu texts and there are a total of 114. During an Energy Healing we clear the chakras to rebalance the body to obtain optimal health. We will also balance and recharge the chakras, by using different modalities such as crystal energy, vibrations from Tibetan Singing Bowels, massage with essential oils, meditation, Reiki, and utilizing pulse points.

Auras: Cleansing and Replenishing.

The aura is a natural electromagnetic energy field that surrounds us, animals and things, and consists of seven layers known as the absolute plane. The aura changes colors according to your emotional and physical health and during your Energy Healing Session we will cleanse it to release lower energy and stagnation and to bring it back to its brilliant healthy colors.

Meridians: The Natural Flow of Energy.

Meridians are the energy superhighways of the body and allow for the flow of energy – known as Qi (pronounced “Chee”) – to circulate throughout the body. Ancient Chinese medicine utilizes the meridians for acupuncture, and they are also used during an Energy Healing Session by pulsing the points, placing crystals along the Meridian lines and using vibrations from different healing tools such as chimes, bowels or tuning forks.

The Benefits of Energy Healing.

Energy Healing is a powerful therapy that helps you connect to your life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction for optimal health. It has been proven to release stress and anxiety and reduce inflammation causing less physical pain. Energy Healing sessions can increase your stamina and unblock your thought patterns allowing you to move forward in life with more energy and confidence. Healing sessions are ideal for anyone needing a positive change and wanting to experience good health of mind, body and soul.

Energy Healing Sessions: What to expect.

Amazing Earth Energy Healing sessions begin with a health intake where you will discuss your physical, mental, and spiritual aliments and set an intention for the session to achieve your desired goals.

Our clients enjoy the therapeutic benefits of relaxing on a gemstone mat filled with Amethyst, Jade, and Tourmaline which help increase energy, detoxify your system, and reduce water retention, stress, fatigue, and inflammation.

The session will last anywhere between 60-90 minutes, and we complete the session by discussing what came up for you during the Energy Healing and how to maintain optimal health moving forward. 

How to Book an Appointment.

Call: 1-888-671-3611 or email us to schedule either a full 70-minute session or quick fix 30 minute refresh at our Pennsylvania location.