Gifts From The Earth

Amazing Earth became my passion after I realized I was addicted to chaos and felt tired and unfulfilled about my life. I left my fast paced career in the New York City fashion industry and went back to school to learn Herbalism.

Studying plants gave me the power to live and eat healthier and transformed the way I used personal care and health goods.

I began to replace store bought products with my own hand-crafted herbal items. The positive impact to my overall physical health was life changing so I decided to go deeper and change my thought process as well.

I continued my education and studied energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Crystal and Sound Therapy, Essential Oil practices and Pressure Point activation. I furthered my research with the ancient science of intention setting, visualization and meditation, which led me to crystal energy and my favorite passion of creating one-of-a kind  stunning and powerful crystal jewelry. As I practiced these new ways of living and thinking, I began to feel grateful, vibrant and fulfilled. Other people noticed this positive change and asked me to share my crystal jewelry, herbal products and holistic ways to live with them and Amazing Earth was born.

Earth Conscious and Ethically Sourced 

The crystals we use for our hand-made crystal jewelry and Crystal Intention Collections are ethically sourced  from authentic dealers who have been trusted in the industry for years. Most  of our crystals come from the Tucson Gem Show. Every crystal is hand-picked, cleansed and charged before we send them to our magical clients and we hand string all of our Energy Bracelets. Each precious piece of crystal jewelry is a powerful reminder to help you manifest your dreams and adorn your temple. Our unique crystal jewelry line is one-of-a-kind and something you will cherish for a life time and want to hand down to future generations. 


 Hand-crafted With Care

At Amazing Earth, we hand-craft small batch personal wellness and beauty products made from natural ingredients lovingly provided by the Earth and trusted over the centuries. We use organic cotton bags and plant based dyes on every Dream Pillow. We do not use harsh chemicals, toxic preservatives or cruel animal testing. Amazing Earth does not carry a large inventory, allowing us to create our herbal products to order for the ultimate freshness. 

We grow most of the herbs for our products on our small East Coast farm without using pesticides or chemicals or order them from Organic farms. Our Beeswax is purchased locally and is never chemically processed or bleached white. We hand tie all  of our smudge sticks and thank all of the organic herbs when we harvest each year. 



Amazing Earth creates incredible crystal jewelry to help you adorn your temple and wear your magic. Our small batch herbal products will help you live your best life.  We hope you love our products as much as we love crafting them and pass this positive energy forward.