Simple Steps to Successful Intention Setting

Intention setting is a mind changing practice that can help drive your life in the direction you are ready for it to go. 

By setting intentions you begin to become more conscious of your thoughts and actions, enabling you to shift your mental energy to focus on changing behaviors and commit to how you want your life journey to progress.

Ease yourself into it.

Start with something simple and keep to it for 30 days to help you get the hang of how to set intentions. For example, you might want to start with, “today I will find one good thing about everyone I encounter,” or perhaps something that relates to behaviors you want to change.

Write it down.

Every morning before you start the day, close your eyes and concentrate on your intention.  Next, write that intention down in a notebook and continue to write it down every day for the next 30 days.

Set reminders.

Throughout the day, congratulate yourself when you think of your intention, especially when you carry it out. Set your phone with reminders to say out loud what your intention is. You can also keep notes on your desk or on your computer, bookshelf and so on, to help you remember.

Magnify your energy.

Crystals are excellent to use to help you set your intentions. Clear Quartz magnifies your energy and can magnify the intensity of the intention you wish to set. Place your intention under your crystal or alternatively carry a piece of quartz in your pocket or purse and hold it while you’re concentrating on your intentions.

Clear your mind.

Meditation is an incredibly powerful way to help facilitate intention setting. When you meditate, clear your mind of all thoughts then after you are finished, say, “thank you,” for all that you already have accomplished and for the intentions you are working on. This allows your energy to continue to move towards the intentions you are setting.

Don’t keep it to yourself.

Share your intentions with your friends or family members as people close to you can help you stick to your intentions and can also help you change your behaviors.

Repeat again and again.

Repetition is the key to success, so repeat your intentions often throughout your day. Also remember, intention setting takes time and practice especially as you are changing behaviors that you may have been replicating for quite some time. But don’t give up, be firm and stick with one to begin this new practice until you have your own routine established, at that point you can start adding more intentions.