The Power of Positive Energy

The Amazing Earth Crystal Facial combines our customized herbal beauty products with the benefits of genuine Jade Gua Sha massage tools, cabochons of precious gemstones and the art of sacred geometric patterns.

What to Expect

While relaxing on our heated gemstone mattress we will steam your face with botanicals and gently cleanse away dirt and impurities with the Amazing Earth customized herbal cleanser. The Gua Sha tools and Amazing Earth beauty blend oil will smooth away fine lines and relax fatigued  facial muscles. Continue to unwind with our moisturizing hand massage while the powerful gemstones placed in a sacred geometric pattern begin to break up stagnation and reduce inflammation leaving your skin naturally radiant. We complete our facial experience with an herbal moisturizer and pure Hydrosol to lock in moisture and plump the outer epidermis.

Seeing is Believing

Every client receives an emailed photograph of the gemstone pattern designed on their skin. Believe us, the geometric gemstone patterns look gorgeous and so will you! The Amazing Earth Crystal Facial makes an ideal gift. We also recommend it as part of your self-care ritual.

Book an Appointment

Call: 1-888-671-3611 for an appointment at either our Pennsylvania or New York location.
Fee: $100.00 for 50-minute session; note: sessions are non-refundable.