Rainbow Fluorite Half Polished Point


Protection, Stabilization, Grounding, Organization, Connection. Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown Chakra. 

Materials: One A Grade Rainbow Fluorite ½ Polished Point from Brazil.

Key benefits

Rainbow Fluorite is an excellent protector and stabilizer and can add organization to a cluttered mind or chaotic situation.

Place your Rainbow Fluorite ½ Polished Point near your workstation or school computer to help you process new information quicker.

Roll your ½ polished point between your palms before presenting an idea or performing in public for a boost of confidence.

Circle your Rainbow Fluorite ½ polished point around your body to clear any negative energy caught in your Aura.

Rainbow Fluorite strengthens family connection. Place your point on a family photo album or give a point to each family member to always stay connected.

Description and benefit card included with each cluster.

Note: Choking hazard, not suitable for children under five.

How to use it

Step 1: Cleanse your Rainbow Fluorite Point in warm water or smudge smoke at least once a week, as it absorbs negative energy easily. Step 2: Charge on a Quartz Cluster or in a Selenite Bowel. Step 3: Look for the rainbows in your point as they bring natural joy.

At Amazing Earth, we hand-craft small batch personal wellness and beauty products made from natural ingredients and do not use harsh chemicals, toxic preservatives or cruel animal testing. And we do not carry a large inventory, allowing us to create our herbal products to order for the ultimate freshness. 

Most of the herbs we use are Organic, and free of pesticides and chemicals. Our Beeswax is purchased locally and is never chemically processed or bleached white. We hand string all of our Energy Bracelets and individually hand tie our smudge sticks. Every crystal is hand-picked, cleansed and charged before we send them to our clients. And we use organic cotton bags and ethically sourced shells.

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